Impeach Wayne Spence

Posted on 09.16.2016 by Dtwarren

The petition is now available to download, circulate and return. We need 25% of the membership to sign in order to begin the impeachment process. The petition is here:

Below is the text of a member item I had submitted to the Executive Board for their consideration. It was ruled out of order and then when it was moved that it be added to the agenda as an item of an Executive Board member it failed to obtain the necessary 2/3 vote to add it to be considered. Since it is unlikely that the Executive Board will consider this on the merits I am taking this issue to the membership.

I have been informed that when President Spence saw it he texted the following to his supporters:

NYS Public Employees Federation's President, Wayne Spence, should be removed from office for acting contrary to union interest as detailed on this site.

WHEREAS, Section A of Article XIII of the PEF Constitution provides for the Impeachment of any officer based on conduct that “are detrimental to union interest”;

WHEREAS, President Spence has engaged in conduct through the use of his office that are detrimental to union interest which includes, but is not limited to, those detailed below;

WHEREAS, President Spence has appointed a Contract Team that does not meet the Constitutional requirement set forth in Article XIV of the PEF Constitution which requires that the Contract Team “shall have a broad-based composition to ensure that both the terms and conditions of employment and professional concerns of the unit are considered.”;

WHEREAS, the currently appointed Contract Team does not include someone who is from an off-budget agency and therefore the terms and conditions of employment and professional concerns of that constituency is not being represented and there may be other underrepresented or unrepresented constituencies;

WHEREAS, President Spence, unilaterally stripped a duly elected Vice-President of Union Leave which prevents that Vice-President from effectively performing her duties under Section F of Article VI of the PEF Constitution;

WHEREAS, the Secretary Treasurer has communicated to President Spence that he does not have any authority under the PEF Constitution to take this unilateral action;

WHEREAS, President Spence has permitted a PEF Staff member who is on EOL, and who is not the Assistant to the President, to retain the rights of Member contrary to Article V of the PEF Constitution;


RESOLVED, impeachment proceedings against President Wayne Spence shall commence under Section B of Article XIII of the PEF Constitution beginning with hearings before the PEF Executive Board.

Impeach Wayne Spence